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Our Story

It started with a simple idea - help inform people and keep them organized and on track with their supplements.

So we sourced great products, organized an expert team, explored the most up to date human research, and employed technology including advanced pharmaceutical robotics to thoughtfully organize your supplements.

Order online today or by phone toll-free at 844 425 8307. We love customer feedback, so email with your comments.

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Every Pathways Pack provides Vitamin A to a child in need for one year.

Vitamin deficiencies affect millions of people worldwide, placing children in particular at risk of disease.

150 million children around the world currently don’t get the vitamin A they need. Vitamin A supplements work to strengthen immune systems and fight off life-threatening illnesses for children who don’t have access to foods with vitamin A. Staggered doses given over the year significantly reduces infant mortality and vision loss.

Pathways Health has created relationships with field partners, aligned with The World Health Organization, to address this problem. We have made a commitment to match each monthly Pathways pack to one child for one year. One month, one child. One year, twelve children. Pathways has started with a contribution for the first 20,000 children and we look forward to building that number with you.

Every Pathways Pack you purchase provides Vitamin A to a child for one year, supporting non-profit programs on the ground internationally.

Our Team

Dr. Nico Eichhorst, MD

Medical Director & Co-Founder

Nico is a family physician with 16 years of experience in rural and urban BC communities. He is active in local community volunteer and sport activities.

His aim with Pathways is to save customers time and money on their supplements, while promoting whole food nutrition and healthy lifestyles, and engaging in socially responsible campaigns.

Nico's Pack: Pathways 'Core'Pre-Pack


Jonathan Chang, B.Sci. Pharm.


Jonathan is a registered pharmacist based in British Columbia with experience in academia, hospital and retail pharmacy management.

He is here to support all your medication related questions and ensure the safe and effective use of natural health products.

Jonathan’s Pack: Green Tea extract, Vitamin B50 complex, Ultra-Omega-3, Vitamin D


John Merkley, M.Sci., M.Mgmt.

Managing Director & Co-Founder

John manages all systems and processes supporting Pathways operations. He holds a B'Comm and M'Mgmt from Queen's University and M'Sc. from Maastricht University.

John co-founded Pathways because he was curious how technology could support personalized health .

John's Pack: Omega 3, Vitamin D, Curcumin, Men's Multivitamin


Nick Stephenson

Operations Director

Nick leads packaging operations for the Pathways team, managing our operations team and pill-packing robots, and inspecting orders before shipment.

He holds a B.Sci. in nanotechnology from RMIT in Melbourne, Australia.

Nick's Pack: B50 Complex, Omega 3, Vitamin D, Curcumin


Paniz Jamali

Regulatory Director

Paniz leads regulatory compliance for the Pathways Team. She is the liaison between Pathways, Health Canada, Vancouver Coastal Health, and other regulators.

She is responsible for ensuring that our products and facilities are fully compliant with licensing requirements

Paniz's Pack: Pathways Vegetarian Pre-Pack


Eli Fast

Creative Director

Eli helps make sure customers love our products. He supports every part of the customer experience, from product selection, to the design of our packaging.

Contact Eli directly with your feedback: He loves hearing from customers.

Eli's Pack: Pathways 'Core' Pre-Pack


Hossein Maleki

Technology Advisor

Hossein is an e-commerce expert with 15 years experience, and is an active member of the Vancouver environmental community.

Hossein leads his team in all things tech at Pathways, including our web and mobile apps and systems integration with our robot.

Hossein's Pack: Omega 3, Vitamin D, Curcumin


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